A Mayberry State Of Mind

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Chapter Oath


I understand this membership means something. I will not disgrace it.

I will be alert at all times.

I will try to look like a member and act like a member.

At the first sign of trouble I will nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud.

I understand there are only two kinds of members; the faithful and the shunned.

If I want to leave they'll be no hard feelings.

I will strive to keep the backs of my shoes polished as that is the last thing someone sees when I leave.

I will always remember my membership number and be ready to give it upon request.
I understand I will not be issued a weapon.

I will at no time while conducting club business, take a drink.

Congratulations and Hail to Thee Oh Member of Mayberry(a state of mind)

*I agree to Live Life in "A Mayberry State of Mind"?